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Reach Product Market Fit with Palladium growth team

After developing a MVP, it's time to get a sustainable lead flow from reliable sources and convert them into customers who pay and stay.

PMF is a process, not a goal

Product Market Fit isn't a destination but rather an ongoing journey. It is essential to measure your progress along the way and ensure you're going in the right direction. However, don't become too comfortable once PMF has been achieved - plenty of companies have slipped back after reaching their goal! Palladium team helps you determine Product Market Fit, acquire the right scaling pace and build a strong marketing foundation to ensure you go only forward and there is no risk of failing.

Why Product-Market Fit Matters for B2B Tech Startups

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Faster Growth

Crossing the gap between early adopters and the early majority is always hard. It requires a high focus on the right strategies and detailed work on ICP.
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Lover acquisition costs

Product Market Fit opens new organic, non-paid lead generation channels like referrals and word of mouth. The more satisfied users you have, the more referrals they bring.
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Higher customer retention

Nailed ICP helps you score leads better and gain more satisfied customers who continue to pay for your product without additional costs.
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Scaling done right

Scaling before PMF is suicide. High acquisition costs and intense churn rate scale along with your company. You should stabilise these two first.

The Palladium Path to Product-Market Fit

Revenue flows for SaaS

Find revenue flows

Determine which channels the expected MRR is most likely to come from.

Audience research for SaaS

Audience research

Define your ICP and targeted audiences across digital platforms.

Brand strategy for SaaS

Early brand strategy

Define your value proposition and build robust brand awareness.

Market segmentation for SaaS

Market segmentation

Define what your company's main focus should be and deal size to start with

Community building for SaaS

Community building

Create a solid social media presence based on personal brand.

End to end analytics for SaaS

End-to-end analytics

Analytics tools and reports set up to link all your data in one convenient place.

CS department building for SaaS

CS department building

Create strong customer-retention, and referral campaigns.

Customer interviews for SaaS

10 customer interviews

Test you MVP with real users, conduct CS interviews, build product strategy.

Inbound flywheel dev for SaaS

Inbound flywheel dev

Create a content flywheel and define the proper distribution channels.

Let Palladium Agency help you SaaS product

Are you ready to hunt for clients?

Let's get in touch and discuss your product. Product-market fit is one of the main requirements for Series A acquisition. Palladium knows how to build a strong marketing presence, so you can hit the status quo and reach a requirable number of clients and revenue flow before next round raising.

Checking Your PMF Pulse with Our Evaluation Process

How evaluate product market fit?
  • An on-demand marketing boost to jump from MVP to PMF
  • Established revenue team working alongside Palladium
  • Established Customer Success Department
  • Generated reviews, case studies, and videos for revenue team
  • Help with first marketing hires and onboarding
  • Secured Series A fundraising through reaching PMF & MRR

Measuring PMF Success: The Key Metrics We Use

Acquisition Cost in PMF

Acquisition Cost

Acquisition cost is at least 30% lover

Website in PMF

Website performance

Low bounce rate and higher session durability

Customer success in PMF

Customer Success

High Net Promoter Score (satisfaction and loyalty)

Lead generation in PMF

Lead Generation rates

Number of leads increased by 200%

Growth audit from Palladium Agency

Get GROWTH AUDIT in 2 weeks

Our Growth Audit is full-fledged strategy which deepens your product performance and gives you step-by-step solid plan to reach growth points and scale safely. Book a short call with us and receive your detailed Growth Audit in 2 weeks 🙌


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Clear communication

Communication and teamwork are a key to success for Seed-stage SaaS startups. Your company success is our highest priority
Palladium Agency

Scale-focused solutions

We want your startup to grow fast and overcome all obstacles on its way from idea to Product-Market Fit
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Founder's responsibility

We treat your product like ours, using the best strategies to translate your vision into ready solution

The Must-Have Services for PMF Success

Lead generation

Palladium team researches different channels and defines best practices to generate demand and rapidly grow your customer base, helping you achieve Product Market Fit in the shortest time without silly budget spending.

Web & end-to-end analytics

Product Market Fit model implies all your data collected, digitized, and appropriately gathered. This can help you define growth points and find new demand-generation channels. We want to keep all valuable points!

SEO & Linkbuilding

SEO is often misused and put to the bottom of marketing strategy. While with the proper approach, it helps to generate free and the highest qualified leads. Palladium team applies all the best SEO practices to drive organic growth for tech products.

CR Optimization

Your website is beautiful, of course! But let's look at it through your customers' eyes. Basic experiments will help generate more leads and create a smooth, interactive flow. We build transformational landing pages with high CR


Your brand is the central core of the product. A genuine brand supposes to win your audience's hearts and minds. Palladium helps you deliver your message and stand out from competitors, taking your solid place in the niche.

Social media marketing

Social media is still the "blue ocean" for customer acquisition and prospect nurturing. Palladium team approach is based on leadership development and constant engagement. We help you find the right point A to start and scale from.

Our PMF Journey: From Discovery to Launch

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Step 01.

We connect to learn more about your product and watch demo. Way to go!
Palladium Agency

Step 02.

Conduct market and competition research, draft practical strategy and prepare proposal.
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Step 03.

Follow up with you to discuss the strategy and find a common ground for future growth.
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Step 04.

Palladium team is excited to start work on your project immediately.
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Step 05.

Collaborate to deliver the maximum value. The founder is the soul of the product. We need a soul to soar.
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Step 06.

Workshops with your, your team and customers interviews to find best ways for growth.
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Step 07.

Continual support on your way to Product-market fit, help with strong marketing presence building.
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Step 08.

Help to expand your in-house marketing team. Hiring, onboarding, debugging internal processes.
Let Palladium Agency help you SaaS product

Not sure if you are moving in the right direction?

Let's get in touch! We partner with the best marketers to deliver the fastest and most scalable results and prepare you for Series A in 18 months. Palladium's real value is the whole picture vision. We are supervisors who soar your product and revenue using the best tools for this, people who proved their expertise dozens of times! Doesn't that sound magical?

Reach PMF Faster, Smarter and Cheaper with Palladium

First 4 months - $6000/m + Lead Gen starting with 3d month

After - $4000/m + cost of SEO, Content Creators & Lead Gen

Now we better go and answer your questions!

You don't need an in-house marketing team, as we have enough resources to move your business in the right direction and expand your very first marketing function. However, you'll need to start creating your first marketing team at this stage, and we're happy to help with the onboarding!

Our plan is designed to ensure that you achieve your product-market fit and secure Series A funding within the 18-month timeframe, no longer. Our goal is to provide you with the support, resources, and expertise necessary to quickly validate your concept and establish a sustainable path to growth.

The first 2 months of our commitment are focused on research and building the foundation for customer acquisition. By the third month, we begin implementing lead generation strategies and by the fourth month, we will start executing our inbound marketing plan. We understand the importance of seeing results, and our approach is designed to provide you with a solid foundation and a clear path to growth. With the right understanding of market, audience and product positioning you can expect to start seeing significant user and revenue growth after the fourth month of our engagement.

Well, we love to mix it up and use a bunch of different channels to make sure we reach your target audience. That might mean sponsorships, organic search, outbound campaigns, pay-per-click ads, website content, referral programs, and more. Our goal is simple: to help you find the channels that will bring you the biggest bang for your buck. And with our expertise and experience, we'll make sure you're making smart decisions about which channels to focus on and how to allocate your budget for maximum results.

Product-market fit, or Product-Market Fit, is when your target audience starts buying your product in quantities that maintain its growth and profitability

Reaching Product-Market Fit requires a precise approach that differs from marketing channels and lead generation. Your primary focus is to build at least one predictable, sustainable demand generation channel you can count on

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