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Marketing automation for B2B SaaS startups

Run your marketing 3x faster and effectively

Marketing automation is the technology that propels your business

into a new area of relationship-based marketing with quantifiable results. When powerful technology meets effective implementation and internal process management, your company will soon find itself on a journey that leads to new heights of business success.

- Jon Miller


Palladium Agency

Do more with less

In a fast-paced digital environment, marketers must work and learn faster. Marketing automation frees up marketers' busy schedules with automated tasks, so they can focus on strategic work and let the software manage routine tasks.
Palladium Agency

Convert leads better

60% of B2B marketers say that challenges to generate leads cost them time and money. Convert your B2B prospects 3x faster using marketing automation to nurture and educate your audience across multiple channels.
Palladium Agency

Effective lead scoring

It's pointless to scale lead generation if the leads cannot convert to sales. With Marketing Automation, you can personalise each buyer's journey using analytics, data, lead nurturing, and scoring capabilities.
Palladium Agency

Close the tech gap

While manual workflows are automated, marketers can focus on improving overall processes and revealing new potential segments. Deliver personalised messaging and attract proper customers with deep customer analysis.
Palladium Agency

Optimize user engagement

Automation allows you to capture micro conversions and score leads coming to your CRM, optimising your lead gen and demonstrating the ROI of your efforts. Provide the right content to the right person on the right platform, where they are open to engaging with yo74
Let Palladium Agency help you SaaS product

Let us skyrocket your marketing!

Ready to cut routine time and get more insights about your audience? Palladium will help you to automate all the channels you use and all the manual routines you have. Free some time to reach strategic goals, not drawn in tactical staff. Connect with us, and we will take your burden!

What should be established during seed round?

What should be established during seed round?
  • All-in-one automation
  • Email Marketing automation
  • Social media automation
  • Customer journey automation
  • Pricing automation
  • Advertising automation
  • Loyalty and referral marketing automation

Scale your marketing efforts with the best automation software

Lead Forensis
Referral Rock

This journey is way more exciting if go together!

Our passion is to see your business alive and profitable, and we are committed to achieving this goal. Closed startups with colossal potential are an unbelievable pain for our team, so we generate significant momentum to soar your company and help you reach your goals! We are ruled by a very simple mantra: our success is the success of our clients!


Palladium Agency

Clear communication

Communication and teamwork are a key to success for Seed-stage SaaS startups. Your company success is our highest priority
Palladium Agency

Scale-focused solutions

We want your startup to grow fast and overcome all obstacles on its way from idea to Product-Market Fit
Palladium Agency

Founder's responsibility

We treat your product like ours, using the best strategies to translate your vision into ready solution
One-week trial from Palladium Agency

Maybe one-week TRIAL?

SaaS startups inspired us to create something similar to the trial option. We understand that you might have doubts about whether it is worth working with us. That's why we want you to pay only for 1 week instead of a month and get to know us! There will not be much to deliver this first week, but you have a chance to understand if we match and you want to carry on!


CRM integration

Poor CRM integration

You don't have appropriately integrate with other tools and automated CRM processes.

Time management

Time management

Your team spends the lion's share of time on routine manual tasks instead of strategic goals.

Stable MRR for SaaS

Unstable MRR

You need help to measure ROI, predict revenue, and strategise your next steps.

Quality leads for SaaS

Low quality leads

More than 50% of leads coming to your CRM are low-quality and outside your ICP range.

Website optimisation for SaaS

Chaotic branding

You experience Inconsistency in the brand presence and an obsessive desire to change something.

Pricing in SaaS

Poor leadgen channels

Your inbound lead generation needs to be faster and predictable, while outbound has to be easy scalable.

Revenue team for SaaS

No revenue team

You lack bi-directional communication between Sales and Marketing teams

Customer journey in SaaS

No customer journey

You need help with providing a seamless interactive experience to your audience.

Call with Palladium Agency

Are there at least 4 right statements?

You've got this! We can change this all together! Let's connect for a 30-minutes call! Palladium team aims to automate all non-strategic manual tasks, stabilise all metrics and create a seamless flow of data across all platforms. Even if you need a custom solution not covered by any tools, don't hesitate to talk to us!


All automation tools you need are integrated and connected to your lead-generation channels
All data is captured and organised into dashboards, so it's easy to track ROI and do forecasting
Email Outbound is automated and scalable, while all difficulties around email deliverability are eliminated
Social Media platforms are independent and automated, including content publishing, analytics, and activity monitoring
Lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing processes work like a clock without a babysitter
You can easier track competitors pricing changes and turn your pricing strategy into an advantage
Advertising setup and monitoring take 3x less time, bidding strategies optimisation
You see growing MRR, higher retention rates, and the average customer lifetime value rising fast


Damages of improper marketing automation
  • Inflexible Structure
  • Unscalable outbound activities
  • Missed behavioral nuances and insights
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Subpar email templates and pages
  • Communication silos
  • CRM sync problems
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor lead scoring
  • Boring customer journey
Call with Palladium Agency

Get your Automation audit

Do you have some processes already automated? Let's check if they work correctly and if you retain valuable data. Book our Automation Audit, revealing mistakes and giving detailed instructions to eliminate them. Get all your problems sorted and a bit of strategic advice for the future as a bonus!

Marketing automation service cost

$3000 - one time payment

*Palladium's management fee is included in “Reach PMF” package

Now we better go and answer your questions!

We understand that you might have some automation already done, and there is only one channel you struggle with. Palladium team is happy to help you with any difficulty you face on the path to smooth and flawless marketing processes

Yes! Marketing Automation helps you to cut the time for your routine tasks and start with more profitable activities. It also helps you gather all the necessary data about your audience's behavior and interactions to nail your proposition and grow the revenue

Sure thing! We work with lots of automation tools, and each has its advantages. Firstly we analyze your business, its scalability, and challenges. Only then we pick the right tool based on research. You will have the best software working for your profit!

Yes! We definitely can audit and analyze all processes done before, identify what doesn't work, and eliminate all bugs. But sometimes, it could need to be done from scratch due to the wrong core.

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