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Lead Generation for pre-PMF B2B startups

Fill your pipeline 3 times faster compared to Inbound channels and get bigger deals on the plate

Lead Generation for Seed B2B startups

We partner with Seed-invested tech products and help them scale to product-market fit faster and securely and get Series A within 18 months period. Outbound lead generation allows us to get the necessary amount of customers 3x faster, and generate variable materials for the sales team. Palladium has a strong lead gen approach crafted exclusively for Seed startups. We developed many strategies to grow your product faster while maintaining a sustainable pace.

Early Lead Generation: Your Startup's Secret Weapon

Palladium Agency

Fast, highly qualified leads

To secure your Series A round, you must bring your product to market fit. It means there should be a particular number of customers staying and paying. Lead Gen helps to gain them in shorter times and more precisely.
Palladium Agency

No need for vast budgets

Bring qualified leads to your CRM and sales department without resorting to big budgets. Lead Generation with Palladium is about the sophisticated personal targeting of prospects without spending tons of money.
Palladium Agency

Build strong relationships

Generating leads with a highly personalised approach means you build relationships with the first message, email, or interaction you send. This is a chance to create the most vital loyalty ever.

HOW DO WE fuel your growth with LEAD GEN?

Audience research for SaaS

Deep audience research

We do not do demographic bullshit anymore. We build new personas for you based on places they are active and ready to buy at.

Scoring for SaaS

Qualification & scoring

We set lead qualification and scoring criteria and nail them with your first 10 clients to prevent unwanted outcomes or destroyed brand reputation.

Customers interviews for SaaS

Customers' interviews

We conduct interviews with all your current customers to find your real value based on their experience and journey and gather reviews for the revenue team.

Lead nuturing for SaaS

Lead nurturing

We prepare all necessary lead nurturing materials to show the value and benefits of your solution, as an audience needs more education and leadership.

Pricing strategy for SaaS

Pricing strategy

We help you to evaluate proper pricing strategy so you don't lose to your competitors. We find the value people will pay for, so you don't need to underprice anymore.

Lead channels for SaaS

Leadgen channels

We hypothesise and strategise proper lead gen channels based on customer personas. We develop a tactical and personalised approach for each channel.

Conversion rate for SaaS

Optimise CR

Before any lead gen activities, we aim to make your website perfect and nothing less. We optimise CR and turn your website into a potent weapon within your warrior kit.

UX for SaaS

User Experience

It's better to go the smooth way than a rocky path, isn't it? We turn your website user experience into a straightforward and logical process, enhancing your CR index.

Let Palladium Agency help you SaaS product

Let us give you a hand!

Inbound Marketing channels are usually weak and unpredictable during early-stages. Blog post or social media will not bring you enough leads even if built right. You need a push on on the way to product-market fit. Palladium will help you to build your pipeline and eliminate all pitfalls before scaling.

Find Your Lead Generation Sweet Spot with Palladium

  • Account-Based Marketing
  • LinkedIn prospecting
  • LinkedIn & Google Ads
  • Free trial/freemium
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Partner Marketing
  • Content Generation
  • Customer Success
  • Growth-driven design
  • Brand Newsletter Partnership

Palladium is a team, not a tool

Why is that better? -> We are lead generation experts who use different tools to simultaneously bring you leads from plenty of channels. Palladium helps you to build a sustainable and scalable lead generation strategy. We aim not to fill your pipeline with half-decent leads and go away but to discover the best ways for leads to flow, set up proper scoring criteria and tools, and help you form a scalable revenue team. Let's jump on the call and take the first step toward your Product Market Fit!

Let Palladium Guide Your Lead Generation Journey

Palladium Agency

Step 01.

Jump on the call to learn more about your product and see your demo.

Palladium Agency

Step 02.

Conduct deep market research and assess your current activities.

Palladium Agency

Step 03.

Put together an initial proposal and draft a personal strategy.

Palladium Agency

Step 04.

Connect with you to discuss the strategy and work out the mutual growth vision.

Palladium Agency

Step 05.

Send you all documents to sign and get down to the detailed growth strategy.

Palladium Agency

Step 06.

Define primary channels, prepare all tools, assets, and materials for lead generation.

Palladium Agency

Step 07.

Help you to form, and onboard a scalable revenue team and CS manager.

Palladium Agency

Step 08.

Set up, test, and launch all lead generation campaigns.

Palladium Agency

Step 09.

Gather statistics, optimise lead scoring criteria, and test revenue team approach.

Palladium Agency

Step 10.

Optimise lead generation process, scale campaigns, test new channels.

Growth audit from Palladium Agency

Get GROWTH AUDIT in 2 weeks

Our Growth Audit is full-fledged strategy which deepens your product performance and gives you step-by-step solid plan to reach growth points and scale safely. Book a short call with us and receive your detailed Growth Audit in 2 weeks 🙌


Palladium Agency

Clear communication

Communication and teamwork are a key to success for Seed-stage SaaS startups. Your company success is our highest priority
Palladium Agency

Scale-focused solutions

We want your startup to grow fast and overcome all obstacles on its way from idea to Product-Market Fit
Palladium Agency

Founder's responsibility

We treat your product like ours, using the best strategies to translate your vision into ready solution
One-week trial from Palladium Agency

Maybe one-week TRIAL?

SaaS startups inspired us to create something similar to the trial option. We understand that you might have doubts about whether it is worth working with us. That's why we want you to pay only for 1 week instead of a month and get to know us! There will not be much to deliver this first week, but you have a chance to understand if we match and you want to carry on!

Lead generation package cost

From $3500/m

*Palladium's management fee is included in “Reach PMF” package

Now we better go and answer your questions!

We have an approximate evaluation of our services here! But pricing could differ from business to business. Please book a call with us to learn what works best for you!

B2B lead generation campaigns work because they are tailored to attract the attention of each specific prospect. It's a more direct approach and converts many more leads. Direct lead-gen campaigns are 250% better at converting customers than early unstable inbound marketing activities

You will need to close 3 roles at the beginning: SDR, Account Executive, and Customer Success. We will help you with recruiting and onboarding

There is no right or wrong answer. The average time lapse between the Seed round and Series A is 18 months. However, it could take much longer for startups who did not reach product-market fit. Palladium team aims to get you to PMF and Series A as fast as we can. But we also secure your scaling processes

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