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Growth Audit for Seed B2B tech products

Try a piece of pie with Palladium! Take the ability to test our service with Growth Audit!

Analysis that builds the strategy

Choosing a marketing partner is crucial to your product success, which is why we're happy for you to experience our value and strategic thinking before you commit! Palladium team offer you a complimentary strategic review of your entire marketing function as an example of the very particular service we provide. You receive our Growth Audit in 2 weeks, including analysis and actionable strategic recommendations for the single service and the total marketing presence of your company and brand.

Unlocking Growth Potential with Palladium's Growth Audit

Market analysis for SaaS

Market analysis

Analysis of your current status and description of things that most businesses experience at this stage so you can understand what your company is going through and how to operate properly.

Competitor analysis for SaaS

Competitor analysis

Deep competitor analysis, scrutinising their β€œwinning” marketing tools and tactics (the channels they use, where most of their leads come from, how they promote their brand, customer loyalty levels, etc).

Marketing analysis for SaaS

Marketing analysis

Analysis of your entire marketing function, including improvement models for your current strategy, strategic tips for growth and suggestions of channels you can acquire leads from.

Data analysis for SaaS

Data analysis

Delving into your analytics and tracking systems to ensure your automations work properly and data is accurate and comprehensive to define the value of every marketing activity.

Call with Palladium Agency

Get GROWTH AUDIT in 2 weeks

Our Growth Audit is full-fledged strategy which deepens your product performance and gives you step-by-step solid plan to reach growth points and scale safely. Book a short call with us and receive your detailed Growth Audit in 2 weeks πŸ™Œ

Our growth audit creation process

Palladium Agency

Step 01.

We connect to learn about your product, watch demo and discuss what slowing down issues you experience.

Palladium Agency

Step 02.

We send you a document with our next steps and list of tools where editor access must be granted so we can take a deep look.

Palladium Agency

Step 03.

Palladium marketers take 2 weeks to research, analyse and put review materials and growth strategy together.

Palladium Agency

Step 04.

We send you our Growth Audit and schedule a call to deeply discuss it.

Palladium Agency

Step 05.

We connect to reveal every point in more details and make sure we have a mutual vision of your product growth.

Palladium Agency

Step 06.

If you decide to continue work with us, we are happy to take next steps, as now we know what things to improve!

Now we better go and answer your questions!

It's a primary way for us to deliver our value and expertise and give you some fresh ideas for your marketing while demonstrating why we are a relevant partner. In the end, if you don't like our audit, you're in no way obliged to continue with us

Yes, it indeed includes a growth strategy. It will not be as deep and detailed as we do for other our services but will reveal enough for you to understand your main growth points and actions towards them

We take a minimal fee of $1500 for such comprehensive information. If you continue to work with us, the price is deducted from your monthly service bill. Otherwise, you receive in-depth analysis, a strategy to grow your customers and revenue, and 40 hours of our best marketers' dedicated service

Yes! Don't be so greedy for time! 😏 Call helps us to understand your product better, watch your demo to see how it works, build great personal contact, and get first-hand information about your activities. We need some data to set the wheels in motion

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