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Content-led Growth Strategies for B2B Seed SaaS startups

Make your content serve the purpose of your product growth

“Content is a king” - say B2B companies and hire intern...

You enter the SaaS content marketing game when you become strategic with content ideation, creation, distribution, and measurement — setting concrete goals and basing your content investments on data. When you barely have a bunch of clients and no buzzword around, content helps you to cut the noise and stand out. But you also can end up with one intern who spoils your social media and blog, which barely drives 100 users per month.

Complete Content Marketing Solutions from Start to Finish

Content Marketing analysis

Market analysis

When it comes to B2B SaaS, checking out what your competition is up to might not be all that helpful. What works for them might not work for you. So, we go through the entire market with a fine-tooth comb to find what works best specifically for you.

Audience research for SaaS content

Audience research

We aim to create content that actually gets you sales, not just traffic. To do that, we get to know your audience through interviews, surveys and using tools like SparkToro. Then, we make sure the content we're producing fits perfectly with your conversion funnel.

Keywords research for SaaS

Keywords research

We optimise your "people content" for search engines and make it easy for them to crawl and index. Using advanced research and clustering tools, we find the best keyword opportunities for your product pages and nurturing resources.

Website CR optimisation for SaaS

Website CR optimisations

Before we produce any content, we first make sure your website is the best it can be. We turn it into a sales machine, a powerhouse in your toolbox. And you'll see at least a 10% bump in your conversion rate in the first 2 months.

Blog optimisation for SaaS

Blog optimisation

A blog is a crucial and delicate part of your website. It is a major source of traffic and yet, it is often overlooked by developers. We analyse and optimise technical SEO and content structure, to ensure that nothing hinders search engines from indexing.

Content Strategy for SaaS

Content Strategy

We unpack your messaging, brand voice and company positioning to draft a strategy and SOPs, including audit, key metrics and ways to measure and scale the performance, while keep giving your audience the good stuff.

Content production & distribution for SaaS

Production & distribution

We pick up industry experienced writers. Don't worry about getting Edward Scissorhands writing about everything and nothing. For each startup we work with, we find the best fit, someone with direct or similar experience in the industry.

Proofreading & Editing for SaaS

Proofreading & Editing

You know your product better than anyone else, and we've seen that a lot of founders love to write and their posts which perform well. We'll guide and mentor you throughout the writing process, and show you effective ways to produce content.

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You'll have the best people working with your content

Palladium is a startup agency. And we revealed the ultimate beauty of partnering with the best narrow-focused specialists to deliver the maximum value for your product. It's sound social proof for us, as you can check their LinkedIn profiles and see their expertise. And one more thing, we don't margin their costs. Our management fee is included into PMF package 🙌


Palladium Agency

Blog Articles

We help you to understand the competitive landscape of SEO and create content that is both optimised for search engines and appealing to your audience. We make sure that your content is not only easily discoverable but also drives conversions.
Palladium Agency


We help you beat the competition by creating Playbooks, these are super informative and longer pieces of content that help people with specific problems or give them a complete guide on a topic. It takes a bit more effort and time but it's worth it.
Palladium Agency

Website copy

We handle all aspects of content creation, from revamping your entire website to crafting content and pages that are specific to your products Our focus is on producing content that not only generates leads but also pleases search engines.
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Whitepapers focus on the various ways of utilising your product across different industries. They are an effective means of showcasing your industry knowledge. Additionally, whitepapers can serve as powerful lead magnets.
Palladium Agency

Case Studies

Case Studies are a powerful tool for your Marketing and Sales. Palladium develops a unique approach for Case Studies production. We focus intensely on your client's story and how your product improved their lives after continuous use.
Palladium Agency

Interactive content

We pay considerable attention to filling your copy with interactive content, raising the chances of converting the visitor. We work with graphic designers, video producers, and analytics to create a cohesive and interactive experience for your audience.
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Content Marketing as a part of a package

Palladium doesn't offer Content Marketing separately. We are a growth agency and specialise in the whole-scale approach. Content Marketing is a part of Product-market Fit package. If you're looking for Content Marketing only, contact us anyway. We may have some excellent content writers and strategists experienced in your industry! 🙌

Now we better go and answer your questions!

Content Production is an integral and inevitable part of any SaaS product growth! You can't claim your industry knowledge and experience if you don't create content. Your audience is not able to find you. You're a ghost, a non-existent company, nobody's heard about!

It works perfectly! B2B audience is always open to learning, improving, and testing something new. People have time and desire to consume lots of content. The question is - how good is your content to hook them?

Despite the fact there are many decent writers and content strategists, they are narrow-focused and don't have a whole-scale vision of your product growth. Palladium, on the other hand, does. We are growth strategists that use gears to scale you to Product-market fit.

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