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OKRs for Pre-PMF Startups: Best Practices & Alternatives

Enter OKRs - a simple yet powerful tool designed to bring focus and prioritise decision-making. You might think that OKRs are more suited to large corporations with their extensive resources and structure. But we're here to challenge that notion.

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Scaling B2B Startup Beyond Seed Round: How Palladium Helps tech Startups Achieve Product-Market Fit

It’s time when you, as a founder, should lift two separate entities within the condition of a complete intersection. And in 80% of cases, this all happens within the Seed round, peculiarities and restrictions of which often become a dead hole.

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Palladium Agency: Proven Strategies for pre-PMF Startup Scaling

Scale your pre-PMF startup with Palladium Agency. Achieve Product-Market Fit, generate positive revenue, and secure Series A. The main goal for Pre-PMF startups is to scale to a particular point where sustainable and continuous growth is possible (achieve PMF).

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Product-led Growth or Sales team: what is the core difference?

What are the advantages of Product-led Growth, and how to build a PLG strategy and drive more paying clients? Is Sales-led Growth still alive for B2B saas startups? Product-led growth is becoming more popular within marketing strategies of newly-minted tech products.

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How to faster your recruiting time with POD Sales Organization

When you pass from MVP to PMF, you undoubtedly realize that it's time to scale your Sales team. But more and more questions are arising while you are getting closer to the inevitable. Now you, fortunately, have a couple of SDRs, and AE or probably do all for yourself. So what's next?

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