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Closed-loop and web analytics for B2B Seed SaaS startups

Make your data a strong weapon for further product development and marketing.

It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data

This pearl of wisdom comes from one of the most famous fictional detectives in history. The importance of using data to drive smart decisions under uncertain conditions of any B2B SaaS startup is often underrated. Planning and forecasting are only accurate when business has a long, stable operation history and a relatively static environment. If you truly want to understand how to survive and grow as a startup in your chosen market, you need data — it's as simple as that.

Unleashing the Power of Analytics with End-to-End Approach

All data in one place

All data in one place

Flipping through endless reports is not a great way to get a handle on your data. We make it easier by bringing everything together in one spot and making it interactive. It's a way more efficient and effective way to dive into your data.

Real-time reports for SaaS

Real-time reports

Our system makes it super easy for you to play around with the report and find what you need in real-time. No need to waste time trying to combine data from different reports. Our reports are super flexible and cover all from ads to revenue you make.

Deep analysis for SaaS

Deep analysis

End-to-end analytics enables us to delve deep into all of your activities and understand your data. It examines ad campaigns, content distribution channels, SEO tools, and provides detailed budgeting and metrics, right down to the keyword.

Revenue team for SaaS

Revenue team

Loop analytics makes it easy to create efficient and predictable lead flows. We use your data, to form a revenue team that seamlessly integrates marketing and sales efforts, resulting in a cohesive approach to lead generation, scoring, and selling.

Marketing adoption for SaaS

Marketing adoption

End-to-end analytics provide you with the necessary insights to build your marketing strategy based on real data from your customers and audience. We make it easy for you to understand where you're getting the most bang for your buck!

Growth points for SaaS

Growth points

Don't waste time trying to figure out what your competitors are doing, we'll show you which channels are driving revenue. Even the most unobvious ones. This way you'll know where to allocate your resources to make more sales without spending more money.

Marketing transparency for SaaS

Marketing transparency

We present your data in a manner that clearly illustrates the correlation between your marketing goals and sales and business objectives, enabling you to make informed decisions based on solid figures, rather than incomplete data.

Stable analytics system for SaaS

Stable system

Once we connect all your different data sources like your CRM, ad campaigns, SEO tools, website, influencers, partners, etc, it all works together seamlessly with very little upkeep. Plus, it's easy to add, change or fine-tune any data in the future.

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You'll have the best people connecting your atoms

Palladium is a startup agency. And we revealed the ultimate beauty of partnering with the best narrow-focused specialists to deliver the maximum value for your product. It's sound social proof for us, as you can check their LinkedIn profiles and see their expertise. And one more thing, we don't margin their costs. Our management fee is included into PMF package 🙌


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Website tracking

We grab data from tools like Google Analytics and others, then show you how customers move through your website. This way you can see exactly how people are interacting with your pages and get insights on their behaviour.
Palladium Agency

Ad campaigns

We integrate your LinkedIn and Google Ad Managers into the report, providing a granular level of detail, including every keyword, allowing you to closely monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and budget spend in real-time.
Palladium Agency

SEO tools

We bring data from SEO tools about your website's organic position, keyword rankings, and growth, and combine it with data from your website. This helps you spot opportunities to boost your organic traffic and climb the rankings.
Palladium Agency

CRM system

We grab sales information from your CRM and add it to our reports, so you can see how marketing and sales are connected. This helps you figure out where your team might be falling short and find ways to improve, so you drive predictable revenue.
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Analytics as a part of a package

Palladium doesn't offer analytics set up service separately. We are a growth agency and specialise in the whole-scale approach. End-to-end and web analytics are part of Product-market Fit package 🙌

Now we better go and answer your questions!

We understand your concerns and are happy to assist. In addition to our services, we also specialize in social media, partner and influencer analytics. By working with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that all your channels are connected and providing you with valuable data and insights.

We create reports that are easily customisable, allowing you to make adjustments as needed. Or, if you prefer, our team will be happy to make any changes for you.

During the seed stage, there may be limited resources available for building out your business. Palladium offers comprehensive growth packages that include an analysis of your product and the development of personalised growth strategies. Analytics is included in all of our packages, so once we have identified the channels that will be most effective for growth, we can track and visualise progress.

Absolutely yes! Our team of experts can help you strategise, implement and manage a CDP or data warehouse, depending on your specific needs.

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